YogaPlay Away #1

YogaPlay Away #1

A Travel Log by Tara D’cruz-Noble


In a new series of monthly blog posts, YogaPlay’s wandering yogi collaborator, Tara D’cruz-Noble shares her explorations as she searches for perfect locations for YogaPlay abroad

This month, she finds a perfectly secret and rather magical yogi pocket of Ubud, away from all the noise...

Nyuh Kuning Village is nestled on the fringes of Ubud, beyond the Sacred Monkey Forest, away from the crowds. Local eateries are dotted along the streets and chickens roam alongside the resident cats. On a balmy evening, the traditional sound of Gamelan music can be heard at the local temple. 

There are many spaces in Ubud that could house a YogaPlay offering for the night. The one that felt most right was the new octagonal shaped Shala at Swasti Eco Cottages in the Nyuh Kuning Village. A pathway filled with passionfruit vines lead to what feels like a secret garden. An old carriage on the lawn doesn’t seem out of place. Vegetables grown at Swasti sustain the delicious kitchen offering. 


During our week of stay, the Shala was in the final stages of being built. The day before we left, the doors of the Shala finally opened so we could play. The cats came to explore, the kids living at Swasti did cartwheels and danced to music on their phone. We rolled out some yoga mats and others staying at the village came to check out the newness.  


The day before we left, the doors of the Shala finally opened so we could play and the cats came to explore.

The space has been crafted from wood, bamboo, reeds and each side of the structure has a large port-hole window. The walls can be completely opened up to allow the sound to drift through the gardens. One day, when YogaPlay takes flight beyond Sydney, our wings may bring us to land at this special place. Up, up and away… one day. 

Madeleine Boud